Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sonoma County 2010

Lake Berryessa's Monticello Dam's unusual spillway. You may know it better as the subject of internet humor...

Casting of Step-Rimpyette's first pregnancy belly, part of decorations for friend's play about breasts.

It's a pretty progressive church that will let you string dozens of bras for a play about boobs.

View from motel room window. Not much to look at, but love fog!

Some electrical box art

Weird thing on someone's porch

Oh god! What is it?

Cool exterior of huge second-hand clothing store/cafe

Mrs. Rimpington at the ocean.


View from back of fish and chip shop in Bodega Bay.

Back of awesome little fish and chip restaurant where they've been tossing the shells for many years now. That's an old surf board.

One of the unfriendly goats of the Train Town "petting" zoo. Would take your purchased food, but wouldn't let you pet them.

The minus-five-foot Mrs. R finds a doorway she can almost hit her head on.

Some sort of flying thing made of lichen or something that hung incongruously over an air hockey table.

Nike and Rimpy Jr. on a ride.

Wall of bras to promote breast cancer awareness in South Butt County on way back from Sonoma County.Completely unrelated to the play about breasts.

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