Tuesday, December 10, 2013

LEETcense Plate Dept.: Smoke and Fire


Tom's hours of crunches were paying off - all the girls at the beach said he had SMOKIN' ABS.

And speaking of license plates in general...

1) At the municpal parking lot where our Transit Center is located, one of the spaces - slightly narrower than the rest - has a sign that says NEV PARKING ONLY. I used to wonder why people from Nevada got to park for free, and did they drive narrower cars than Californians? Then I found out that NEV stands for Neighborhood Electric Vehicle. Apparently there is a program in place wherein if you share one these overgrown golf carts with your neighbors, you can park for free in designated spaces.

At this particular parking lot, parking is free after 6 P.M. I don't know if this means that the NEV spot is up for grabs as well. Most of the time it's empty (I've only once seen an electric vehicle parked there), probably due to its being so narrow. The other night, however, some jackass had managed to wedge his gigantic GMC Denali SUV into that little spot. Even more astounding than this asinine behavior, the personalized plate said 09DNALI.

Why would anyone feel it necessary to put the make of their car on the license plate? The car itself already has the name on it! I'll admit I didn't know it was a 2009 model, so I guess I should be grateful to the owner for clearing that up for me. I would have lost sleep wondering.

2) California (at least) firefighters can get personalized plates which have a dramatic little picture of a firefighter in front of a flamey background:

One I saw yesterday said 2RDBUL. I've been puzzling over it ever since. Two Red Bull, maybe? Does he really like energy drinks? My real question, though, is: how would you pronounce "2RD"? Does it rhyme with "third'?

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