Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Rimpymobile is Dead! Long Live the Rimpycycle!

Beauty was in the eye of this beholder
A little while back I had to make the painful decision to scrap my beloved Rimpymobile. Her full name was Evalia Bergita Yonsei, or EB for short. She had a lot of problems, but she was a faithful steed. She got me and my daughters back and forth between San Francisco for all those mysterious errands (whose true nature is yet to be revealed).

Eventually, her problems became too many, and it was time to move on. I shall miss her. And I'll really miss her stickers. I've never outgrown my childhood love of stickers, so I had corporate-shilling ones for In 'n' Out Burger and Dutch Bros. Coffee (hey, they were free). I also had one from my local union for bus drivers.

If you embiggen the pic, you might be able to make out a tiny one above the exhaust pipe that says "Loud Pipes Save Lives". It's a motorcyclist thing. I saw a full-sized one on a biker's pickup truck, but I was only able to find a motorcycle-sized one. That's another thing I loved about my EB: her incredibly loud and powerful-sounding (in sound only) tail pipe. I used to love giving the engine a little extra gas when passing through an underpass and listening to the echo of the rumble.

One sticker I really regret losing is the "Papoon for President (Not Insane)" one sent to me by my old friend Good-Time Charlie. Sorry, Charlie.

Speaker of "stickers", one time I got stopped by a cop because I had let my registration tags lapse (yes, I know, what a monster, right?). I didn't know why he was stopping me, however. First he said that my loud tailpipe had attracted his attention. He thought I might be some young thug or something. Then he said there was a problem with my stickers. I was really confused. Had post-9/11 paranoia become so rampant that now the police could pull you over for objectionable bumper stickers? What could he have a problem with? Papoon? Unions? My boast about the life-saving attributes of noisy exhaust pipes which had drawn his interest in the first place? I rather dully said, "Stickers?", to which he clarified he meant my tags. I had never heard anyone call them "stickers" before, although that is definitely what they are. He let me off with a fix-it.

I had been thinking about buying a bike for commuting and general recreation. I used the proceeds from the car to acquire one:

If you're thinking that the proceeds from the sale of the car weren't much, you'd be right.
So far, the commuting has been only moderately successful. Under my then work schedule, I had to be there ungodly early most days, then have a split shift and finally get off ungodly late. Two round bike trips a day under those conditions just was not appetizing. My new schedule is a little more reasonable, so I'm hoping to be riding a lot more. As for recreation...yeah, naw.

But getting back to stickers: the one I regretted losing the most was my "Everyday Destruction Show Podcast" one. I wanted one for the new Rimpycycle, so I contacted those crazy guys from Austin asking if they had any more stickers. I even offered to pay for postage. They're such great guys, not only did they send one to me on their own dime, they included three more and this lovely autographed letter/picture:

You can bet that went on my wall
I reciprocated by, of course, putting one proudly on the Rimpycycle:

Probably the only bike in the Sacramento Valley so adorned well as sticking the others in strategic places:

The family car
A student newspaper machine at a high-student-traffic
shopping center (gotta keep that demographic in mind)
Outside the smoke shop
where I pick up my copies of
Savage Henry Independent Times.

There you go guys, hope that helps. Thanks heaps.

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