Monday, August 26, 2013

Super Coffee?

I'm not sure where 7-Eleven is going with this "liquid Kryptonite" coffee idea. My understanding of the fictitious Kryptonite is that it makes Superman not just "normal", but unusually weak, which would in essence make anyone else more powerful than him. I guess there could be advantages to that, especially if you were a super villain. But, wouldn't you have to get Superman to drink your Kryptonite-infused coffee in order to gain this advantage? Drinking it yourself wouldn't have much effect, unless you were then to piss on Supe. Is the idea simply that this coffee is more powerful than Superman? But what can coffee do by itself?  Kryptonite's pretty useless unless it has Superman nearby to fuck up. It would be like taking poison to make yourself more powerful than other humans, because poison is more powerful than humans. The whole concept makes no sense to me.

Interestingly, the article does say this: "A forerunner of the Kryptonite concept was the unpublished 1940 story "The K-Metal from Krypton", by Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel. The K-metal in the story was a piece of Krypton which robbed Superman of his strength while giving humans superhuman powers, a plot point which decades later made its way into the TV series Smallville."

So maybe some marketers at 7-Eleven are really up on their Superman trivia, and I should just shut the heck up.

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