Saturday, June 18, 2016

Insensitive Bastards

Those charmers at Down Ranger Indoor Training Center in Chico, California (the ones who like to defile holidays with billboards of gun-toting Santa Clauses and Easter Bunnies) are at it again. Mere days after the Orlando nightclub massacre, they put up this sign (top photo) in which they actually offer to give away an AR-15. As if it weren't already too easy to get ahold of these weapons, they want to give one for free. To be fair, they probably had this event planned and the sign ordered before June 12. But to go ahead with it is the height of insensitivity in the wake of the tragedy. I'm sure they're feeling like their precious assault rifles are under attack after the latest "worst thing ever", and felt the need to proceed with this patriotic shindig.

And don't bore me arguments like, "the weapon used in Orlando was a Sig Sauer Mc-whatever, NOT an AR-15". It doesn't matter. It also doesn't matter if your state only allows so-called "low capacity magazines", when there is no limit on how many magazines you can carry other than your own strength. And I don't want to hear about how a ban on such weapons won't work because really motivated criminals will still find a way to acquire them. It's time to follow Australia's fine example and put some limits on how much fire power a private citizen can pack and where than can pack it.

Don 't get me wrong - I actually like guns. I think target shooting is fun (and I'm good at it). I'm not advocating a total ban on all firearms. That would be unrealistic. But there is no justifiable reason for any private citizen to have an assault rifle.

I'm contemplating staging some of protest outside this place during their "celebration". Anyone care to join me?